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Cloud Hotel All rooms have outdoor artsian spa imported from the USA. It is made by a famous American company, which is the main branch of the spa. Equipped with a jet that implements a spiral water massage, it is effective in eliminating body wastes and removing cellulite. Anion is generated to refresh your mood and relieve your fatigue. . Designed to fit the body structure, you can enjoy a relaxing massage, and you can enjoy the spacious sea and Seongsan Ilchulbong or Udo, all of which are in your hands. In particular, it has a self-cleaning system that keeps it clean at all times.


Location | 1F (Hotel lobby)




  • The spa has a filter and sanitizing function that purifies water during use and maintains the water temperature. (In winter, the temperature may slowly drop.)
  • If you put something other than water such as bath salts or foam in the spa, it will cause malfunction and you will be charged for the cleaning fee.
  • Late check-out is for other guests to relax.
  • I did not install a wall outside the room to avoid harming the sea landscape. Since privacy may not be guaranteed at all, please use your swimwear or suit.